How To Trim Your Unibrow - by

The shape of your eyebrows make a huge difference in your personal appearance. Too heavy of a brow and you will look perpetually angry, too archy and you’ll look effeminate.

mascaping eyebrows tweezer
Here are two things you can do at home:

1. If you have a unibrow right now.... Don’t! Grab a pair of tweezers and separate your fucking eyebrows. Dang! I’m sorry that no one told you yet, but a single eyebrow is a really evil looking thing. No one is going to have sex with you until you fix that. A good pair of tweezers is just a couple of dollars, so stop waiting and start plucking.

If you have badly shaped eyebrows, you may need them reshaped. A new eyebrow shape can change the expressions that you face makes at all times. Thus it will affect how everyone interacts with you. Too heavy of an eyebrow makes you look angry and makes everyone else around you angry. WIth a neater brow, life can be quite a bit more friendly. I don’t suggest you do this yourself though. Eyebrow shaping is something that I think is best left to the professionals. Go to a salon and get an eyebrow maxing. It won’t cost much and will pay off. After your first shaping, you can maintain it yourself using your newly-purchased tweezers.

If you eyebrows are too long, trim them up. You can use a small pair of scissors or a beard and mustache trimmer. Just trim them before you start looking like someone’s great grandpa.