How To Shave Your Back - by

Removing your back hair is easy and pretty much essential. Having back hair hasn’t been attractive since the last ice age and even then, we are not sure. Your back hair is an unwanted visitor. Here is how to kick him out.


First, decide if you are going to shave it clean or if you just need to trim it. If you have only a little back hair but it is long enough to be noticeable, you can probably just trim it short and it will look good. This is a great choice for most dudes.

If you want to look like a 14 year old or if you have so much back hair that even if trimmed it will still be noticeable, you want to shave your back. If you are planning to shave your back you may want to soften the hair first. To do so, take a long, warm shower or soak. Use a shaving gel or
shaving cream to moisturize your skin and to make the hairs easier to shave. Applying shaving cream a few minutes before shaving softens the hairs but if you are shaving in the shower it will rinse away before then. You can apply the shaving cream to your back using a bath brush or a washcloth. If you can't reach with a washcloth you can use a hand towel in its place.

There is a new invention that will help you shave your own back. Previously, you had to enlist the help of a friend to get the job done. While you could generally get your wife to do this, the experience was rarely, if ever, romantic. The invention is called the Razorba. It is available here.
The Razorba back shaving tool. When shaving, stroke an area no more than twice to reduce skin irritation. Your back is fairly durable so ingrown hairs will be hard to come by. You can probably get away with shaving in any direction you want, but be sure to rinse the blade often. Be sure to clean the area afterwards with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection. Then follow up with some moisturizer. Go as long as possible between shavings to reduce skin irritation.

If you are just trimming your back hair, here is a tool that will make it easy to reach. This is the extendable back hair trimmer by Remington:
The Remington Back and Body Groomer. This body groomer is easy to use and trims the hair down to nothing.

One alternative to shaving is to have your back waxed. This will require that you enlist the help of a friend. It hurts but it will last 3-4 weeks.
Another alternative is to use a product like
Nair for Men on your back. It works fairly well and lasts a couple of weeks but in some cases it can give you a nasty chemical burn. Fortunately, your back is one of the last places you are likely to get a chemical burn.